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Success Motivation- 10 Steps To A Successful Christian (You Must Read)

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Success Motivation- 10 Steps To A Successful Christian (You Must Read)

Everybody wants to be successful in their life, but it would be hard for us to reach it. We all need more effort and pray to God.

Please find below some tips for you as Christian about 10 Steps to a Successful Christian, as follow:

1. Spend time with Jesus Christ every day. I can not stress enough that for the success of minded Christian. So often we spend our time working on things that have no bearing on our future Christian success (and the success rate at the time) because we do not take the time to focus and understand what Jesus Christ for our lives and our success.

2. Study the Word and discover what the five (or six) Christian success priorities in your life should be. For example, for you might be Christ, spouse, children, work, retirement. For others, it may be Christ, a hobby, work, retirement, mission work. And to another: Christ, spouse, work, hobbies, physical fitness. For each of you, Christian success priorities might be slightly different in number 4, 5, or (6) the place, but the first two or three probably Christ and family. Once you know your success priorities, you are ready for step 3)

3. Develop a "progress plan" for each of the priority areas of success you up. When you look at your life six months from now, especially in the priority areas of success, you have to further and better adapted in each area of ​​your today. Look back six months ago. Have you improved in each of the priority areas of your success? If not, you need to take action. Now!

4. Find a mentor Christian success. This success mentor should be someone who can be concerned primarily for your personal growth in these areas of success priority. This should not be someone who is an "equal" with you --- someone who also confides in you. It should be a "one-way" street. They should be able to listen to your success priorities, help you develop a game plan for meeting them, and being able to criticize you when you are not following your game plan. Therefore, they should not be someone with whom you are close emotionally, like a best friend or spouse. They should be a more neutral party, perhaps someone from a small group class at church or someone recommended to you by your pastor.

5. Break each of your success priorities into individual goal steps. These "steps" must be small enough that you can focus on one step at a time and they should not be too hard to achieve individually, but when you have completed all of the steps that have gained significant ground in your priority for a certain period, such as six months.

Success Motivation- 10 Steps To A Successful Christian (You Must Read)
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6. Write down all of your success priorities and your goal steps to achieve them. Leave room next to each goal step to write the date you started your step goal and finish dates. At the end of six months (and during it too), you will be able to specifically track your progress.

7. Eliminate things that do not need in your life that do not help you achieve your success priorities. Try unplugging the TV three nights a week until your success priorities are accomplished. Have an "email free" day of the week. Take Sunday off from everything. If the phone is an incessant nuisance, turn it off twice a week.

8. Evaluate your rest ... you get enough sleep? What can you do to get more sleep? How recreation (non-TV)? Are you walking, hiking, reading, meeting with friends regularly? Do you spend enough time with your family without interruptions by phone or work? Doing what it takes to get rest and recreation and include the family in this step.

9. Evaluate your success regularly. There is not much that substitutes for assessing your progress last week and making goals for the coming week. Sure, a few weeks you will fall short, but in others, you will easily meet your success expectations. You follow these 10 steps, setting success priorities, making goal steps, and following up on all of it will be easier.

10. Do it! Start somewhere, start today! Do not just close this page and forget all this! You take the time to read this, if you do anything with it you will.

I hope this article will useful for you.

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