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Success Motivation- Achieve Your Goals Through The Magic Of Consistency

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Success Motivation- Achieve Your Goals Through The Magic Of Consistency

Achieve Your Goals Through The Magic Of Consistency- Consistency seems to be a boring idea at first glance. It does not have the glamor and excitement. But, when you look more closely, consistency is anything but boring. It contains the secrets of achievement and success. This is the key to almost magical power than can change lives.

Consistency means repeating the same behavior regularly and without exception. Consistent behavior is the opposite of erratic behavior. Skipping exercise is an example of erratic behavior. Do all or most of your exercise is an example of consistency.

Consistency creates powerful habits; shortage consistency and exclusion means that you should start building the habit again.

Consistency allows the seed to grow and fruit upon arrival. Orderly, patient, consistent action is needed to achieve good results. Even winning the lottery requires buying a ticket and enter the number.

A woman who won a $ 162 million US lottery quoted as saying that he plays the same numbers consistently for two years. He did not play once or twice and gave up as so maybe people do.

He continues to believe that he dreamed of winning the lottery will be realized. Consistency, then, may sometimes work even at the world-famous gambling risk.

Recently, I read an outstanding article by T.J. Walker, public speaking, and communication experts. He commented on how frequently break down communication on the Internet due to a lack of consistency.

Ezines, blogs, and podcasts often only last for one or two issues, and then they disappear. Either their creators or foolish run out of material success is expected after one or two attempts and gave up when the results of their efforts were disappointing.

Most marketing experts insist that the sale only came after about seven e-mail messages that have been sent to a list of potential customers.

Many would-be entrepreneurs short on patience and consistency to send a message even seven to their list. They are not likely to succeed in winning the confidence of their customers.

Almost every goal worth achieving demands regular and consistent effort. If you want to achieve a black belt in martial arts, you need to show up one after another training session if you feel like it or not.

I know from years of experience, that students show up regularly for training almost always achieve their goals become a black belt.

However, I have had some very talented students who do not have the patience and only appears sporadically. As they progress up the ladder of success seemed too slow for them, they give up and disappear.

When I checked my martial arts students in the levels of the session, I often congratulate them for just being there. I tell them that they are already halfway through the grading because they have appeared and in the famous words of Woody Allen: "80% of success in life only appeared"

With emerging, my students have shown that they have the courage and are willing to accept the fact that they might look foolish if they forget their syllabus or do it badly. Not everyone can deal with this possibility and I even had one student to give up martial arts because the grading seemed too concerned.

One person who never failed to appear in the UK and about a third of the entire world is Queen Elizabeth II. For more than half a century he has appeared at formal and informal occasions by one in good and bad times. He has traveled thousands of miles across the world's goal of becoming a slave state and commonwealth.

Today was her birthday the 80th and most of the country and even the media showed their appreciation for her consistent adherence to the task. One paper called her "Elizabeth the Great".

Greatness only comes when the effort is consistent. championship team won the championship not because they won every game but because they consistently play well and with determination and, as a result, won most of their matches.

An individual loses weight because they remain consistent with their diet and exercise regime. A bodybuilder's muscle gains weight because she consistently attends the gym if he felt like it or not. Champions do not give up when they feel tired or bored or when the results seem to be very slow.

Daily effort creates habits and customs that make it easier to make efforts every day but still requires hard work and determination to follow every day no matter what.

To achieve your goals you repeat business every day. Appearing at the gym or anywhere else you need. Do not like my stepbrother who had been told: "You will not be appearing for your funeral."

Sometimes you make have to make an exception and lose the desired behavior. One way to avoid exceptions is to do the behavior you want to travel as early as possible the day before the rest of the family and the cat start demanding your attention!

Another way to avoid an exception is to make a list of the daily behavior of your most important in order of importance. Stick it on your wall and read it as soon as you wake up. In this way, the consistency you will not falter because of a bad memory.

Repeat the desired behavior or planned every day and with a few exceptions as possible and you will make progress gradually but surely and eventually achieve the noblest goal and dream.

Even if you do not achieve all your goals and dreams, you will have at least become a great character and person of value because you are doing what you plan to do every day. That, at least, is a goal worth achieving.

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