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Tips To Manage Employee Retention Strategies Appropriately

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Tips To Manage Employee Retention Strategies Appropriately
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Before continuing this article further, I would like you to first understand what employee retention means. For those of you who have not had time to read my previous articles can read it on this blog.

Retention is defined as a process by which the company ensures that its employees are not out of their jobs. Each company and industry has a varying retention rate and differs from one another, indicating the percentage of employees who keep working within the company over a certain period.

Employee retention is something that the company needs to do to retain its employees. In other words, employee retention can be defined as an effort to retain employees in a company as a major skill employee. Employee retention is done to minimize employee turnover rates and can improve the comfort of employees as long as they work in the company. Employee retention strategy should be done appropriately and continuously continually.

It aims to improve employee performance over time. If a company fails in implementing an employee retention strategy, then what will happen is the employee's performance will decline and of course, will cause a poor impact on productivity in the Upwork.

The question is how to develop an employee retention strategy and how to manage it appropriately and correctly?

The following are tips that need to be done by the company to implement the employee retention strategy, among others as follows:

1. A leader of the company must provide full support that can affect the performance of the company employees. For example, by providing support is by saying positive things that can improve the working spirit of its employees.

2. Give each employee an opportunity so they can develop themselves. Give new confidence that can improve the productivity of employees ' work so that they will feel that their presence in the company is appreciated and highly needed by the company. With this mindset developed, it has been indirectly managed to build and increase employee loyalty to the company.

3. The company should be able to think about things that can improve the ability of its employees. One of them is to give employees a new, more challenging task. It will be very useful for the development of employee skills and can be an experience for them in the work. More challenging new tasks will also help employees to gain a broader knowledge of their work.

4. Give appreciation and praise to employees ' work. Appreciation should not always be related to the salary increase, nominal curved money, or promotion of the position. But appreciation can be in the form of giving praise to the results of employees' work that can increase the company's profits.

5. Create a good working relationship with employees to support the creation of comfort during work in the company.


Success in running this employee retention strategy, one of which is heavily influenced by the company's leaders. Companies that have good leaders, will be easier to sustain their employees.

The following are 5 characteristics of good leaders, namely:

1. Able to provide clear direction (hint) to the employee to the future of a successful company as it has been set before. The instructions are useful so that the employee's work will not be out of the corridor, so keep the focus towards the goal set.

2. Be ready to face all kinds of challenges, before employees experience stress from the challenge. The readiness is to strengthen with concrete and real measures so that employees feel comfortable in working.

3. Have a genuine desire to provide the best things to its employees. There are a lot of examples where the company leader greatly appreciates its employees and treats employees very well. For him, employees are important assets for the company.

4. Trust that employees are one of the most important assets for the company. This has to do with the third point above. Trust in employees will make employees become challenged to always produce the best performance for the company.

5. Able to appreciate its employees, by always making the employees feel confident in their ability so that the future of the company and their work is assured. A good leader will make employees feel at home at work in your company.


Employee retention can have a strong impact on employee performance and productivity. Here are some things you need to look out for in managing employee retention in your company, such as:

1. Getting employees in an effective way

The HR team must be able to find a truly appropriate candidate to be placed in a position that suits the needs of the company.

2. Offer competitive compensation

Offering competitive value compensation compared to other similar companies is one of the most effective ways.

3. Show appreciation to employees

If the company never gives an appreciation of any kind to its employees, then it could be the best employee of the company will instead come out and resign suddenly.

4. Clearly describe the career path of employees in the company

The career path is one of the reasons why an employee will remain in the work he is running for a long time.

These are some of the tips a company can do to properly manage employee retention strategies. Companies and employees alike need each other. Therefore, doing and pursuing the best for both are essential things to do. If all employees in the company can be managed well, then the company will become easier in achieving the objectives that have been set before.

Hopefully, this article's explanation can add to your insight and knowledge.

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