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23 Easy WaysTo Increase Motivation

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23 Easy WaysTo Increase Motivation
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What makes us lose our motivation? Poor goals that do not inspire or not know how to motivate us.
Here are 23 easy ways to train to keep our motivation high.

Motivation - A reason to take action, to act. With an important goal for us, a desire to be realized, a clear and decisive direction, nothing can stop us except the loss of motivation...

If like so many people, you tend to get tired of the things you undertake soon, to let go after a while, the article you are about to read and the dedicated mental map can really help you.

Often we are more motivated to do things for others than for ourselves, or for duty rather than pleasure, this brings us little energy available for personal projects that need time, right choices, and motivation to be realized.

To succeed in personal and professional life we need:
  • A growth goal, well-formulated, evaluated, and detailed that brings benefit, with "gain" in all senses.
  • The resources you need
  • Strategies to put into practice.
Does your lens have these characteristics? It is in the direction that will bring well-being and satisfaction instead of anxiety, suffering, and pain?

Perfect, now you need to know the first simple strategies that allow you to realize it, namely:

How to keep your attention

Your attention is everything. Your focus must remain on that thing and only on that, your concentration needs to be trained to "stay on the piece" to give results over time. So no multitasking, eliminates most distractions at work, messages, emails, signals, relatives, friends, and breaking news.

Decide the best times and environment for you and cut out everything else

Invalidate what's not useful to you and direct your attention to the things to do right away and the result you want to achieve. You may also have to learn to say NO to some commitment that happens to you in the path, but we'll talk about this in a future post.

If you need to better manage your time, these items. (Here or here) can give you great ideas.

Before you leave, know that you can organize a daily or weekly route to maintain the necessary motivation by following the ideas presented below, you will get great results.


23 Easy WaysTo Increase Motivation
image via freepik

The ideas presented here are generally quite easy to implement. However, being "easy" does not mean that they are not effective. In fact, simpler strategies can work better than any other motivational strategy used. It is therefore important not to overlook any of this list. Also, keep in mind that for some of these suggestions it might seem that they don't help strengthen your motivational levels, but they actually will.

What they do very well is shift the focus, it is the attention that contributes to triggering the highest levels of motivation.

Let's find below, there are 23 Easy Ways to Get Motivation :

1. Set great and exciting goals that inspire you. Take the time to read these goals every day to help you maintain concentration and motivation. The emotional factor is critical to your motivation. You'd devote time and energy to something that doesn't excite you?.

2. Every day, set a clear and inspiring set of goals you'll need to work on. Make sure they are difficult but realistically achievable. Dare to ask you a little more every day, it will soon become natural and over time you will grow a lot.

3. Set a workable personal standard that will help you stay focused on your goals. A minimum standard of yours to do every day is essential and must be maintained. If for a thousand reasons you can't keep the effort organized to recover.

4. Just decide to star well with yourself. Deciding to be enthusiastic, excited, and positive, no matter what's going on in your life. Always choose to move forward with tenacity and determination despite the problems. Choose what to do to feel good about yourself, the rest will come from itself.

5. Focus must be on Happiness. Happiness generates positive energy to help you pursue your goals. Choose to be happy first.

6. To improve the duration of happiness, spend more time smiling during the day. When you smile you automatically start to feel better about yourself and remember that only positivity gives you creativity and desire to do. Read the post about smiling. 

7. Keep the Focus on the beauty of the world around you. This will bring the mind to its most positive state. Think about how you can contribute to it all.

8. Focus on the abundance around you. Abundance is everywhere. The abundance, the more you see it around you and the more you will appreciate what you already have.

9. Concentrate only at the present time. Just be there at that moment, without fear, worry, or anxiety. This will help you stay focused on what's most important. What you do now.

10. Be Grateful for the events and circumstances of your life. Gratitude will help you open your mind to opportunities and possibilities. Being grateful connects you with the Universe that already knows what is right for you.

11. Pretend (even physically) that you feel very motivated. Acting as if you were really motivated and enthusiastic you can be a catalyst for positive action and change. Do not underestimate the power of fiction that transmits to the body (and vice versa to the mind) the state you pretend to be.

12. Take time to breathe deeply. Breathing in your belly transforms the physiology that opens up and puts you in optimal thinking condition. Notice how you breathe during the day.

13. Get out of a lazy posture. You can do this through stretching or exercise, or just walk faster. Develop the physiology of excellence, try to make serene and carefree movements for a while, and notice what changes in you.

14. Play with children or animals. Playing helps relax the mind and bring out sparks of creative insights. When the mind is relaxed you are more open to possibilities. Joking and playing inspire and creates.

15. Spend time watching a movie that inspires you. A film with a strong message of inspiration can become a catalyst for positive change in your life. Use it to motivate you and run to action.

16. Listen to your favorite song. The words of a song or the excitement of a tough movie can drive you into action. Think about the feeling that comes with it and make it useful... Ask yourself: In my situation, how can I...?..

17. Transform your image. Wear a dress that makes you feel safe, pleasant, and successful. Often what we wear influences how we think about ourselves and our goals.

18. Spend daily time to see a positive future full of opportunities.
See yourself making the most of these opportunities as you reach your goals. The mind needs to know where it should lead you, from defined and motivating images.

19. Reflect on your past successes. Review what you've learned from the past to stimulate motivation now. Make a list of the things you've experienced, your accomplishments, and how, it will be very useful to see them again in the future if they fear to make mistakes will try to limit you.

20. Do everything you can to avoid the influence of peers who constantly doubt and hold you back.
This is the kind of people who block us and demonize us. Choose the right people, stay with people who push you to grow, and avoid those who can not give you a confirmation, leaves out even the lamenting family members...

21. Rewards! This will help motivate you when you work for your goals. It's very important, the implementation
of small prizes helps to generate the pleasure of doing. After a stepwell done a small reward instructs the unconscious to feel worthy. Give yourself a little present.

22. Put in place a system of personal sanctions that will help you push forward. It is important because the implementation of sanctions help you create pain when you miss the sign. A simple small home sanction?.. you haven't deserved the dessert yet at the end of dinner.

23. Take a life coach to help you lead, keep you responsible for achieving your goals. Or search the categories of this blog for the right Mind Map, formula, or idea you're looking for.

Why is it clear. It's the only way to move us away from doubts and fear of making mistakes, from our mental and physical laziness, the only way to go and get what we basically know we deserve.

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