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3 Factors Of Leadership Motivation

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3 Factors Of Leadership Motivation

3 Factors of Leadership Motivation - There is a question that is quite interesting for us to look at associated with leadership. The question is, "How do Motivation And Leadership Affect the Management?"For answers to these questions then You should read the following article.

The leader does not perform any action directly on a thing, although the orientation of a leader is on the final result achieved by his team.  And You as a leader will not be able to get the final result that is satisfactory alone, because it all depends on Your team and how You lead them. 

If You can lead Your team with good, in the sense You can set the (management of) them with better, able to provide motivation and encouragement to them, then You are a successful leader.  

You need to note, that You need other people to help You do it. And the best way to have other people to get satisfactory results not by how ordered they are, but with how to motivate them. There are a lot of leaders who failed in giving motivation to others to achieve satisfactory results because the leader was wrong in addressing the concept and applications of motivation. 

To understand motivation and apply it to Your team every day, let us understand 3 the factors of leadership motivation critical.  By knowing and understanding these pillars and put them into real action will be able to improve Your ability to lead Your team better and achieve the result satisfactory.

3 Factors of Leadership Motivation are:
  • Motivation Is Physical Action
  • Motivation is driven By Emotion
  • Motivation Is Not What We Do On Others, But That's What Do Other People On Themselves
To find out more, please check out and read the description of the detail here so that You will understand it.


Motivation has a basic understanding in general, such as "Motor","Momentum","Motion", "Mobile" and so on. All is in the form of words that indicate movement and physical action.  Why is that? Because an important feature of motivation is physical action.   Motivation is not about what is thought or felt by people but what they do physically.  When motivating others to get the final result that is satisfying, challenging them to take action-action that will be heading on such a result.

A leader is advised to motivate the individual and other team members to get the result desired and not just give a presentation.  But when You want to motivate others, You must do more than just convey information. You have to make them believe in You and take action to follow You.  The main results from any talk of leadership should be a physical action, physical action that leads to results desired.

For example, You work as a Manager new and by chance was appointed to the charge of the marketing department (marketing). The director and the CEO wants the department of Marketing can achieve increased sales significantly at the end of the year.  However, You find a fact, where the employees in the department of marketing is a group of people who already were demoralized under the previous leadership and they feel angry that their efforts are not recognized by the leadership.

As the initial step for You to motivate employees in the department of marketing to improve the results of their sales.  They will certainly do so when they begin to feel trust in Your leadership.  And the first step You should take is to do the communication and talks about leadership to employees.

You want them to know that You will appreciate the work that they do and that You believe in them can get results as You want.  You want them to feel comfortable with themselves.

"Just believing is not enough," and "Feeling good is not enough', therefore in this case the motivation should be able to take place.  Physical action must be done.  Don't talk until You know what the right actions to get the final result that satisfy the."

Think by You, that when talking about leadership then it is not a miracle, with strewing of dust on the employees to instantly motivate them.  You have to give a lot of talks about leadership in a few weeks or a few months into the future. But it is a first step. And the most important thing is that it is a right beginning.


Emotions and the movement has the same sense, which means is "Move".  When you want to move others to take action, then it will involve their emotions.  That is an act of motivation is an act of emotion.  And in every effort of strategic management, then You should make sure that people have an emotional commitment strong to realize it.


Sometimes we are very difficult and not accurate in describing the truth about the psychology of motivation.  The reality is that we cannot motivate anybody to do anything.  The people that we want can only motivate themselves.  The Motivator and the motivatee are always the same people.  We as leaders communicate, while they motivate.  So, if You want to "Motivate" other people to get the satisfactory result, then You have to create the environment in which they want to motivate themselves to get those results.

As an example, a leader of the department of marketing almost facing a revolt from its staff when in a planning session sales.  He put a goal next year, with the number and value of which is higher than the previous year. All Your staff say that they are very difficult to get those numbers last year. And now You want them to get the number and the value of sales is much higher?  Not possible!. All Your staff compact say so.  

In this case it will be better for You to create a comfortable environment where they can motivate themselves.  So, in this case You can judge what gets results and what activities do not produce anything. Then You find that they have spent more than 60 percent of their time on the job that have nothing to do with getting any results.

Then You can then develop a plan to eliminate unnecessary work.  Put Your staff to be responsible for their fate, so that they can be motivated.  They then developed a great plan and started to get a great result anyway.

In the long term, Your career success does not depend on the level of Your education and what degrees you have.  The success of it depends on Your ability to motivate individuals and teams to get the final result satisfactory.  Motivation such as high-voltage wires that are on Your feet.  

Use with a good way and correctly, then You will get a result that may be outside Your expectations.  But to learn and understand the 3 factors motivation leadership at the ata, then the final results are satisfying in Your hands.

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