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7 Tips For Starting A Meeting On Time

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7 Tips For Starting A Meeting On Time
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In some of my future articles, I will talk about meeting issues or meetings in the Office. Why do I feel the need to peel about this meeting? One of the underlying things is that some people still do not understand exactly what the benefits and objectives of the meeting are in the office, and still assume that the meeting is a routine of tedious activities.

There are a lot of problems that can be excavated from this meeting problem, and I will try to disclose it to you in some of my articles later.

One of the most annoying problems with meetings is that people arrive late and not timely. The delay will certainly make a meeting that should be started immediately into a long time duration. It is undermining and reducing the time to finish the other work.

Here are a few ways to fix the incident, and the meeting agenda can start on time.

1. Make a list of attendance and time of return

Enter the arrival time on the list to present a very effective meeting. For example, for a meeting scheduled to start at 9 a.m., then you can come at 8:50 hours and be written on the arrival time on the agenda or the present list.

Arrival time is useful as it allows everyone to socialize, get a coffee, or arrange ingredients before the meeting starts. It also ensures that everyone is present at the scheduled time.

2. Offering treats (drinks plus snacks)

Provide coffee, juice, tea, or fruit before the meeting starts. This will be very well welcomed if the meeting or meeting is taking place throughout the day and attended by people from other companies. It provides time to socialize between guests and can also provide food for those who come from out of town.

But here is the offer it is only during the arrival time before the meeting at the start or when break. Once the meeting has begun, remove the drink and the food so that the meeting can stay focused.

And other things, providing snacks that make people more productive (like fruit) will be better than food that makes them full (like donuts).

3. Set an example

Arrive at your meeting place (meeting) before the meeting is scheduled to start. You can use the time to ensure that the room is set up correctly. And you can greet the participants when they arrive at the meeting place. This will help you to appear in control of the meeting process from scratch.

And this of course also applies to you, meaning that you also have to arrive at someone else's meeting on time.

4. Make it easy

Schedule your meeting to start at odd times, such as 9:10 in the morning. This allows everyone to attend the meeting place one hour before the event starts at 8:00 a.m. to travel to your meeting place. Similarly, conclude your meeting at least ten minutes before the next hour so that participants have time to travel to the next meeting.

5. Sell Accuracy

Send a Memo or E-mail (can also be via the messaging app) and emphasize the importance of arriving on time. Call the key participants to remind them of the start time of the meeting. Give people a reason to be on time, such as asking a top executive (CEO) to make an opening statement.

Let the top executives (CEO) leave the meeting place after he made the opening comment, it's because they are very busy.

6. Expect accuracy

If your company (or department, and so on), you can tell people that they are expected to be present on time. Then enforce this rule by creating a performance dimension. Similarly, arrive on time to demonstrate your commitment. And if necessary, hold a personal coaching session with those who need help understanding your expectations.

7. Be realistic

Be aware that some people may be outside of coaching because of attitudes or personal relationships with you. Also, admit that it is impossible to guarantee that everyone will always arrive on time at each of your meetings. There will always be emergencies, surprises, and some people who refuse to cooperate with you.

Ask and tell the person to tell you if they are likely to be late. If necessary, schedule a meeting to accommodate them.

That's about 7 Tips for getting the meeting started on time. Hopefully useful for you. Please read my other articles to add to your insight and knowledge.

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