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Best Quotes On Leadership From World Class Leaders

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Best Quotes On Leadership From World Class Leaders


When You first hear the term "Leadership", then anyone will say that it refers to the actions of a leader. If You are a leader, then You need followers, then You will move in a certain direction, and the pursuit of a specific goal that has been set. 

However, leadership is not just a position or desire of the leader on subordinates, because it is not a definition of leadership. On the contrary, we need to see what the experts have to say and analyze their opinion so that we better understand what is meant by leadership.

To assist You in understanding the meaning of leadership, then here I will share with You namely the Best Quotes On Leadership From World Leaders.

And below is the 4 leadership quotes from the world leaders in the field of leadership, among others:


An interesting quote from Peter Drucker stated :

"The only definition of a leader is a person who has followers."  Peter Drucker

In essence, according to Him, the leadership assumes that You have followers. The question is, why such people are willing to follow You? This has to do with the quality of leadership which they find in yourself, or they are interested in what You stand for.

Statement from Peter Drucker may probably be suitable to be applied for the charismatic Leader. The type of leader is very easy to follow. People easily identify those leaders, they want to protect him and follow his orders.


In this case, John C. Maxwell said:

"Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less." John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell argues that You should influence to be able to take a leadership position. If You have a strong enough influence then You do not need to have a fancy degree, You don't need coercion, and You certainly do not need to force others to follow You. On the contrary, by Your influence, then You can persuade people to follow You.

This may be true and fit for a charismatic leader such as the opinion of Peter Drucker at the top. They have great support and strong than the people they lead. For one reason or another, it's enough for a charismatic leader to emerge and invites his followers to go on a specific goal.

A leader who does not have a strong enough influence will not last long. If a leader only relies on the authority or position to move people, then he will not be able to lead well. The good news is that a good leader can learn about the art of influencing people.


The former president of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower said :

"Leadership is the art to get others to do what You want to do because they want to do it."  Dwight Eisenhower

If You take the concept of the influence of more, then it means You have to involve others, inspire them, and motivate them to do what they enjoy and feel happy to do it. When this convergence occurs, then it means that Your leadership succeeds.

Eisenhower clearly understood this concept when he makes statements like the above. Leadership is necessary to find out what people want and love them, and align with the vision of the leader to achieve the results desired.

Therefore, the task of the leader is to align individual motives and intentions of followers and combine them with the vision of the organization to run with the tune.


In addition to the statement number one above, Peter Drucker also said that:

"Leadership is not a personality magnetic, may also be the language of glib. Not" make friends and influence people", but a compliment. Leadership is about improving a person's vision to a higher level, improve their effectiveness to a higher level, and build a personality beyond the usual boundaries." Peter F. Drucker

The key concept here is "Aim higher" and "Beyond the limit".

In harmony with the statement of Peter Drucker above, then here is another statement related to what Peter Drucker said, who also stressed about the importance of empowering followers and subordinates, among others:

"A leader is a person who deploys others to achieve a goal shared by leaders and followers. Leaders, followers, and the purpose of forming a triangle are of equal importance in support of the leadership." Gary Wills

Leadership is not only about how to achieve personal goals and ambitions but also help the followers and subordinates to develop their potential to achieve greatness. When a leader got up and moving toward his vision, he also brought as well as those who believe in him. In other words, leadership means empowering followers to be agents to achieve the goal.

Effective leadership requires cooperation between leaders and followers. There are times when leadership requires a lot of followers. But the leader should know the best way to bring the best in people-people who become his followers.

"Leadership is the function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective steps to realize the potential of Your leadership." Warren Bennis

A Greek philosopher, namely Socrates said that life can not discover is not worth living. This is a truth for any leader. As a leader, You need to know Your strengths to maximize it and know Your weaknesses so that You can reduce and deal with it. Without a good knowledge of yourself, then You will not be able to understand whether You are effective or not, whether You reach the goal or not.

Confident. This is where Your struggle begins. If the people who become followers trust You, trust Your ability, and Your vision, then You can do whatever will help You in achieving Your vision.

You define Your vision, then You need to take certain steps and build trust between Your followers and Your colleagues. Great leaders know how to take risks, they take into account the risks that will bring them closer to success.

Warren Bennis says that " Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. From dream to reality! This will be an incredible journey!"

Once again, the importance of learning and guide themselves is very important. If You have a system that helps You become a better leader, You can inspire others to do the same thing. If You determine your goals, sense of ethics, your principles that You stand for, and understand the source of Your motivation, You can rise above the obstacles that come Your way. Not only that, but You can also inspire Your followers to do what You have done.

But the question is, how do You continue to grow and develop as a leader? Given the busy schedule of managers and executives these days, sometimes the question arises on how they can find time to devote to reading a book or attending a leadership seminar. But this is not the only way to learn to be a leader.

Most of them will say that the experience still is the best teacher. Yes, this is true, but You should always reflect on Your experience, identify the important lessons that You need to learn, and then store the lessons in Your mind and Your heart.

"Before You become a leader, success is about growing yourself. When You become a leader, success is the raising of other people." Jack Welch

When You become more popular with different types of people, some people will look to You for leadership, guidance, and help in the growth of their own. Please do not hesitate to help other people who are just starting.

This time, You are as a leader, then You have to take care of the people in Your organization. How do they grow? Did you give them the power? Do You give them enough problems and suggestions to develop themselves as leaders in their own right?

In closing, I will share one of the quotes last is from Dee Hock (CEO of Visa), namely:

"Control is not leadership, management is not Leadership, Leadership is leadership. If You are looking for leadership, invest at least 50% of the time You in guiding yourself-your own goals—ethics, principles, motivation, conduct. Invest at least 20%, lead those who have power over You, and 15%, lead Your colleagues." Dee hock

Hopefully, this article can inspire You.

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