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5 Ways to Eliminate Resistance in Your Life!

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5 Ways to Eliminate Resistance in Your Life!
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5 Ways to Eliminate Resistance in Your Life!

If you are a person who has struggled with long-standing health issues that don't get better no matter what you do, you probably have some resistance to healing. We are all running subconscious tapes that color our approach to life. We have picked up the beliefs and influence of those around us and may have even adopted their thinking. 

This can lead us to inadvertently create our lives in a way that isn't in our Highest Good. People that have experienced bad health or relationships throughout their lives might believe nothing will ever change. They might even be resistant to change because it is what they've known for so long and have adapted to their less-than-perfect life. So how do you know if you are experiencing resistance in your life? You might:

Traditionally people have gone to counselors, spending years talking about their problems, their frustrations, and their views of the world, to have these issues addressed and worked through. Now there are simple, fast, and effective ways to identify these issues and release them from your life so you can create the perfect life!

1. Working with a Clairvoyant

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner is the easiest and most effective way of identifying and releasing resistance and issues. They can tell you all the traumas, emotions, and events you are still holding onto and help you release it to be clear and freed from the past. They can clairvoyantly identify the issues, tendencies, influence, and patterns of your resistance and help you eliminate it in minutes. There is no need to spend years searching for the answer and then years talking through it. You can be done with the past and move forward into your new life today!

2. Willingness

Willingness is the opposite of resistance. The more willing we are to have a better, even, to believe we can have a better life, the more it becomes possible. Our willingness to step out of resistance, embrace healing, leave behind old energy, and step into new, is key to moving forward in life. Even being willing to be willing can work small miracles in your life.

3. Belief

The belief that you can move past your resistance is also key. Nothing can exist for us unless we believe it can. The more we believe we will never have what we want, the more our resistance grows. If you find it hard to believe, be willing to believe and allow your new outlook to unfold!

4. Intention

Doing everything with intention, directly focusing your abilities to create, is one of the best ways to change your situation. For example, when you say something to someone, instead of not intending to hurt their feelings, you can intend to have a good conversation with them that will be mutually supportive. In this way you are actively creating your situations.

5. Determination

Finding the determination to move through your resistance is the best way to take back your power. If you feel resistance to sharing your ideas or beliefs, find a forum where you can anonymously post them and find your confidence building. 

Before you know it, you will no longer experience that type of resistance and will feel empowered. Taking baby steps to move through bigger resistance is a good idea. Move slowly forward, but keep on moving!

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can help tremendously in identifying your issues and releasing them. 

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