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How To Avoid Laziness And Procrastination

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How to Stop Being Lazy and Procrastinating
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How To Avoid Laziness And Procrastination

We all procrastinate at times. Sometimes it's even a good idea to set something aside and procrastinate on it. But when that changes from the occasional item to everything we encounter, it's time to stop being so lazy, get up off that comfy chair, and do something!

1. Start right away

This is a great technique and one that I use regularly to overcome my preference for procrastination and laziness.

By starting whatever it is instantly, you don't give the part of your mind that would prefer you to make no effort time to make itself known. By the time it's realized that it should be working overtime to make you lazier, you've started the task.

2. Work out your motivation

It's generally agreed that we operate in one of two directions: towards something nice or away from something unpleasant.

You'll find that your motivation generally goes in one of those directions. If you're not sure, almost any of your friends will have instinctively spotted the pattern and will be able to tell you in an instant.

Once you've worked this out, you can begin to work around it. Change the way that you approach things that you'd normally procrastinate about so that your approach fits in with your motivation method.

So if you're "away from" then set up some kind of penalty or another negative thing if you don't do the task.

If you're "towards" then set up a small reward when you reach your target.

That way, you're more synchronized with the way your mind works and you're more likely to do the task than exhibit your previous signs of laziness.

3. Split it down

Any big task can seem daunting.

But you're not going to be completing a big task in one sitting. You're only going to be doing a small part of it.

So split that gigantic, daunting, task into lots of smaller tasks, each of which is so easy you could almost do it in your sleep.

A bit like writing a book. The thought of writing 300 pages is daunting, to say the least. Maybe even one page scares you (it's often called writer's block) but a short paragraph should be easy. Do the same with whatever task you're being lazy about and you'll find that you can get more done than you ever thought possible.

4. Watch your diet

The food we eat has a major effect on how we feel. Too many calories at lunchtime - especially if they're heavy, carbohydrate-laden, calories - can affect how we feel for much of the afternoon. But the same goes for other times of the day as well.

So be at least slightly careful about what you eat. Gradually wean yourself off the foods that you know deep down aren't good for you and wean yourself onto healthier foods.

The same goes for drinks. Sugar-laden sodas are bad news. Supposedly healthier juice drinks can be filled with sugar as well. So take the time to watch what you're drinking as well.

You never know, just adjusting your diet could help you feel less lazy!

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