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How To Have Newfound Confidence When Starting Conversations

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How To Have Newfound Confidence When Starting Conversations
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How To Have Newfound Confidence When Starting Conversations

Let's face it. Not everybody is gifted in the art of starting conversations, much less holding conversations for any length of time, especially with near-strangers. It is difficult as it is to come up with conversation starters that will catch the interest of your potential audience without putting on the pressure to actually sustain their interest!

The good news is that the art of starting conversations is not so much a gift as it is a skill. Yes, it is nice to have a charismatic aura that attracts people to your side and then listen to every word that comes out of your mouth but you, too, can be a charismatic person with a magnetic personality with practice. It starts with knowing how to start a conversation, how to sustain your audience's interest during the conversation, and how to end the conversation on a high note. Here's how.

Benefits of Being a Good Conversationalist

Before we discuss how to be a good conversationalist, let's first discuss the reasons why become a good conversationalist in the first place. 

To mention a few of these benefits:

Romantic Relationships

Your romantic relationship most likely began with a memorable conversation with your present girlfriend or wife and it is still being sustained by great conversations in your daily life as a couple. Indeed, the ability to start conversations on a casual basis is a valuable skill in maintaining deep emotional connections with your mate because the most meaningful talks often happen in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides, funny conversation starters can get the ball rolling in the humor department, which is essential in establishing a deep friendship with your spouse.

Familial Relationships and Friendships

The abovementioned benefits of skillfully starting conversations also apply to your friendships and familial relationships. Again, open communication through both casual and meaningful conversations is essential in maintaining your ties with friends and acquaintances while also establishing the foundation for new friendships with strangers.

Professional Relationships

Being a great conversationalist is a boon for individuals who work in sales, marketing, and customer relations, among other people-centered jobs. Even when you work behind the scenes, the ability to start conversations with others is a handy skill to use where interactions with prospective and present employers as well as co-workers are concerned.

Indeed, being a great conversationalist is a valuable skill in all of your dealings with others, whether these are for personal or professional purposes. We communicate mainly via conversations, not through sign language and Morse codes.

Tips on Starting Conversations

Tips on Starting Conversations
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So, how exactly can you become good at starting conversations? You can keep the following tips in mind:

1. Have great conversation starters on the ready

These should not be about mundane topics like the weather or controversial subjects like politics because then you are either killing the conversation right from the start or igniting a fire of discussion. Your best bet in starting conversations is to ask questions related to the hobbies and profession of the other person since people like to talk about themselves than they want to listen to others. Just make sure to be polite instead of in-your-face about it.

2. Smile and adopt a friendly body language

Even the most brilliant conversation starters will fall flat when you approach the other person with a frown, a scowl, or a defensive posture.

Well, of course, starting conversations is different from sustaining conversations but once you start, you can keep the ball rolling. Just remember that a great conversation involves give-and-take between two individuals and you should be one of the most memorable persons others have carried on a conversation with.

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