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Where Do Human Feelings Come From?

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Where Do Human Feelings Come From?
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Where Do Human Feelings Come From?

Where do our feelings come from? There are two sources. The first is from our being. It is the feeling of who we are and is a constant base feeling with subtle variations to guide us to what we want. 

The second source is from within our heads. These are intellectual or manufactured feelings. Two of the most common of manufactured feelings are anger and guilt. Guilt comes from being told by outsiders or ourselves that we should have done something, should not have done something, or have done something wrong. When used by an outsider this is a wonderfully effective method of control. 

The basic form of control by guilt is that there is some form of atonement required, that we need to pay for a past mistake or omission. Using the guilt trip technique a person can pay for the rest of their lives for a small error that may well be manufactured anyway. If you want to use guilt to control a person don't let reality get in the way. 

Notice how a second person can manufacture what we think is our feelings and use those manufactured feelings to control and manipulate us. 

The guilt trip is also something. We can manufacture guilt about our own perceived errors or actions towards another person and spend all our energy trying to make amends for something that probably didn't happen anyway. 

A real expert at using the guilt trip can plant a little seed and let it grow through our imaginings. Maybe a little 'water' is needed now and then to make it grow but largely it is self-generated. 

Anger is a great tool to be used in conjunction with guilt. Anger is often the tool used to install the guilt in the first place. An expert at guilt will appear to get angry at some perceived defect we have, or some supposed past error and use that to install the 'you owe me' virus. Once the installed the 'you owe me' virus takes on a life of its own. 

There is a variation on this, passive anger, the 'poor me, if only you had' virus. This one often works because the user can avoid all personal responsibility. Guilt is a wonderful weapon to use on someone so we can avoid personal responsibility for our actions. 

Not all Anger is a weapon and there are times when it is legitimate to manufacture anger. It is a socially recognized sign that we are unhappy with an outcome. 

Suppose you buy something that does not work. When you return the item the seller refuses to replace the item or give you your money back. It would be legitimate to use anger to bring about a satisfactory outcome. The difference between the two uses of anger can be very subtle. 

One is used to control the other to show legitimate unhappiness at a persons' actions. Anger used to indicate unhappiness must never be allowed to escalate to abuse, verbal or physical. It should always take the form of expressing the reason for unhappiness. It would be legitimate to say to a salesperson "I am unhappy that the clock you sold me does not work." It would not be legitimate to say, "You are a useless, ignorant SOB for selling me a clock that does not work." 

Anger used to indicate unhappiness is not really angered at all. It is using culturally understood body language. Used correctly this form the 'angry' person is using culturally understood signs. These signals vary from culture to culture. 

All manufactured feelings are a way of controlling, manipulating, or avoiding personal responsibility. Are we manipulating the seller of a defective product when use anger to get our money back? Yes. There is a definite intent to bring about an outcome, but anger it is not legitimate to use that anger as a weapon to demean or install long term guilt. We get our money back, all is well and it is over. 

Guilt and shame go hand in hand. Toxic shame is a manufactured feeling that reinforces the message that we are in some way defective and often induced by guilt. None of the manufactured feelings are real. We made mistakes but that is no reason to manufacture the feelings of guilt or of being defective. That can only result in being controlled and manipulated by those who would exploit us. The way to deal with making a mistake is to fix it. 

The avoidance of personal responsibility involves manufacturing feelings about what someone else was supposed to have done so that the outcome was their fault. 

Real feelings are different, They come from deep within. 

Where Do Human Feelings Come From?
image via freepik

Some technology here. Radio works by emitting a continuous radio wave that is broadcast continuously. This is called the carrier wave. A little variation is imposed on the carrier wave that is converted into various sounds by the receiver. 

That is how real feelings work. There is a steady feeling that can be described as the feeling of being human. Superimposed on that feeling are subtle changes that communicate our needs and wants. 

Manufactured feelings scream and shout at us but real feelings are gentle and we have to listen to understand what they are telling us. The way the system works when the brain doesn't interfere is that our inner feelings tell us what we want and need and these feelings are passed to the brain for the brain to create. That is what the brain is for, to create whatever we tell it we need. Thinking needs to be guided by our true feelings and used to create what we want. 

But as soon as the brain starts deciding for itself what we want and manufacturing feelings there is chaos. Our fears and anxieties, our chaos and conflicts come from manufactured feelings. The brain manufactures false feelings and then sets about creating according to the manufactured feelings. 

Anger does not exist as a real feeling. Our real feelings only tell us what we want and need. 

Guilt is also not a real feeling. If there are things we need to change about ourselves our real feelings will guide us in making those changes, but our real feelings will never make us guilty of being who we are. 

Manufactured feelings become a self-fulfilling prophecy. War is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Greed and poverty are self-fulfilling prophecies. Our brains are now creating according to manufactured feelings manufacture by itself and we have lost control of the brain. 

But if we can find our real feelings they are gentle guidance. We can feel the carrier wave feeling and follow the subtle changes. Anyone who has experienced intuition has experienced the subtle changes to feel that that guide us. It is not that we don't all have inner guidance; it is that they are often drowned out by all the false feeling that we manufacture in our brain. 

So how do we find our true feelings? To start with we can meditate to find the carrier wave. But we don't have to meditate continuously to feel our real feelings. Once found and we know what it feels like we can keep it with us and follow the subtle changes. 

And if sometimes we lose it and go back to manufactured feeling that Ok. Just let the manufactured feeling and move back to the carrier wave.

That is an article about Where Do Human Feelings Come From? I hope this article can be useful to you. Let's read more articles by visit my blog at

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