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Effective Goal Setting Strategies

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Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Setting and achieving goals will get you where you want to be faster than anything else.

Here are our 10 best strategies for making that happen!

1. Write them down

How many times have you set a goal in your head only to have it evaporate into the great beyond before you even got started? Write your goals down somewhere that you'll see them; in your planner, on your phone or your iPad, or in your journal. Anywhere, as long as they're in some kind of readable, tangible form.

2. Break your big-picture goal into lots of smaller, short-term goals

Big, long-term goals rarely get met on their own. They're just too big and overwhelming. Chunking them into smaller, more manageable bites increases your chance of actually meeting them by light-years.

3. Make your short-term goals small enough that you can meet it within a day or two

You need to set yourself up for success and experience lots of it (success, that is) while you're on your big-picture goal journey. The more goals you achieve, the more you're going to be willing to keep going, plugging away when it gets harder.

4. Celebrate every success, no matter how small

Pat yourself on the back, acknowledge that you 'done good', make a big star on your calendar, or email a friend that you're one step closer to 'the big one'. It doesn't have to be anything big or costly. Just a little something to congratulate yourself. That simple acknowledgment can fill up your gas tank for another day or two until you meet your next mini-goal. Baby steps are just as worthy of a 'way to go' as great big giant leaps! Never pass up an opportunity to celebrate yourself.

5. Tell someone what you're doing

It'll help keep you accountable and on-track. If you know someone's with you every step of the way it'll make the journey easier and more fun. Better yet, ask them if they'd mind if you texted or emailed them to let them know you did what you said you were going to do that day. Then maybe they'll email or text you back a simple smiley face or a thumbs up. Keeps you accountable and gives you a little 'congratulations'!

6. Don't be afraid to re-evaluate

If you bit off more than you could chew, take a step back, and break that goal down even further. It's much more important that you keep moving forward no matter how small the step. If your goals are too big, you're much more likely to quit and wind up feeling terrible. If one way to your goal doesn't work, feel free to scrap it and find another way.

7. Mistakes are great. Mistakes are necessary

They're the only way to learn and grow. Don't let your mistakes embarrass you. In allowing yourself to make mistakes, you're allowing yourself to become a better and better 'you'!

8. Take risks

Thoughtful risks are just as necessary for personal growth as making mistakes. We're not advocating life-threatening or dangerous risks. Just risks that give you a little adrenaline rush, that empower you and make you feel brave and strong and courageous. Risk-taking is just as vital for intellectual, mental pursuits as it is for physical challenges. Face your fears. It's more exhilarating and energizing than you can ever imagine.

9. Expect to take a fall or two

Life isn't perfect. People aren't perfect. You'll come upon obstacles that might stump you once in a while. The energy you've just created might throw you back a bit. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off and begin again. Be willing to get up just as many times as you need to. There's no limit to how many times you can get back on that horse.

10. Keep putting one foot in front of the other

Don't give up! Never, ever quit reaching for that better 'you'! No matter how great you already are, there's always room to grow. That's the beauty of being human!

Give those 10 strategies a try! Because those are an effective goal setting strategies for you. You might surprise yourself with all that you can accomplish! Go out there and make your life happen! You can do anything! Find more useful articles by visit

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