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Overcoming Barriers To Goal Setting - Use SMART Method

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Overcome The Top 2 Barriers To Goal Setting Fast
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Overcoming Barriers To Goal Setting - Use SMART Method

We've all set goals in our life; to finish high school or college; to lose weight; to get in shape; to get a new job. Maybe you've done it consciously, maybe not. The question then becomes, how many of these goals have become your reality? Probably not as many as you'd like, right?

It's Not Your Fault!

That's right. It's not! Overcoming these two huge barriers may be all you need to right your course and make your dreams come true.

1.  If I Meet This Goal, Then I'll Be Happy For The Rest Of My Life

Be honest. Deep down, is this what you're thinking? That as soon as you're at your ideal weight or in your dream job or driving your fantasy car that you'll have your happily ever after. That's what many people think and that's why this is Barrier #1.

When you put this much pressure on anyone's goal (thereby putting that much pressure on yourself) then you're setting yourself up for failure.

A little tweak in your thinking might make all the difference.

Did you know research shows the act of setting and achieving goals leads to greater personal fulfillment and happiness than simply having everything you want at the snap of your fingers? That sense of achievement you get from having a dream, setting a goal, and making it happen is more important to your happiness than simply having what's at the end of your rainbow. The journey, the getting 'there' will ultimately make you happier than the destination itself. It's not 'the goal' that makes you happy, it's the process.

True, authentic deep-down happiness comes from always reaching, always striving to be your very best you. Losing weight, finding a significant other, buying your dream car, or getting that corner office are fabulous stepping stones along your happy path but they aren't the have-all and the end-all. Your life won't be 'happily ever after' once you've met what you think is your lifelong happiness goal. There is no one particular 'happily ever after' goal for anyone. It's a beautiful, inspiring continuous circle.

Once you've made the connection that a life-time of amazing happiness comes from constantly having new dreams, setting goals, taking action, and making it happen then you'll be on your way!

Which leads naturally to the next greatest barrier.

2. I Have No Idea How To Set A Goal

That's another huge one. Most of us have never been taught how to set a goal that we can meet.

Have you ever set one of these goals?

I'm going to lose 50 pounds. I'm going to start my own business. I'm going to have more fun. I'm going to travel more. I'm going to learn how to cook healthier.

I bet you have your list of goals that you've never been able to meet: Goals that are always niggling in the back of your brain making you feel like a failure because you haven't met them. It's all part of the baggage that we're lugging around on our backs (and in our minds). Goals like these are self-defeating and self-esteem crushing!

Don't let yourself become a victim. Take charge of your goal-setting and make your dreams your reality!

SMART goals may be your ticket to freedom. Try following this template whenever you set a goal and you'll up your chances of meeting that goal a thousand-fold.

S - Specific: Be as specific and detailed as possible. No generic, global phrases. A goal like "I'm going to learn how to say 5 phrases in Italian so that I can get from the airport to my hotel when I visit Sicily" is much more powerful than "I'm going to learn Italian".

M - Measurable: Having it be measurable (like the 5 phrases in the above example) lets you know when you've met it.

A - Achievable or Attainable: Your goal has to be something that you can realistically meet. Expecting yourself to be fluent in Italian or lose 50 pounds or have the corner office by Christmas are probably not attainable. Learning 5 phrases in Italian, losing 10 pounds, and completing an impressive project at work probably are. Remember, set yourself up for success. This isn't going to be the only goal you set so it doesn't have to encompass everything you want in life.

R - Relevant: Some researchers have the "R" stand for realistic but that's also met in the "A" criteria. We like the "R" to stand for relevance because your goal has to be important (relevant) to you. Setting a goal to make your husband, your boss, your parents, your kids, your friends, or your doctor happy will be setting you up for anger, frustration, and quitting. You have to want to meet this goal for reasons that are entirely your own.

T - Time-specific: Having a time limit on when you'll meet that goal will add just the right amount of pressure to keep you from procrastinating.

Each SMART goal that you set can then be broken down into many short-term goals. This is where the 'action' takes place. Short-term goals tell you exactly how you're going to get to where you want to be. And your short -term goals can follow the SMART template, as well.

You Have The Power!

Don't let those 2 barriers get in your way. You are always growing into your very best you! You are always striving to live your very best life! Keep reaching for they'll have an amazing journey!

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