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Making Confident Decisions - It's The Only Way To Truly Succeed At Life

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Making Confident Decisions

Making Confident Decisions

You have a very special gift - the ability to make decisions for yourself. Whether they're big or small, the decisions you make can make your life better or they can make your life worse.

If you want to take charge of your life, you have to start by making confident decisions.

OK, so you probably make about a dozen minor decisions every day without even thinking about them. Small things - like what to wear to work or what route to take to the grocery store - aren't likely to have a major impact on your life.

But for bigger stuff, it's important to take time out to think about your decisions and the consequences they can come with. If you're not making educated decisions, you're not going to feel very confident about them.

For example, if you decide to vacation in Hawaii, you might have a great time - but how will your trip affect your finances for the rest of the year? Will you have enough money left over to pay your bills? If you decide to marry someone without really getting to know them, how will that affect your life and the lives of your kids? If you decide to move to a certain neighborhood, will your kids get to go to a good school?

With consequences like these riding in the balance, is there any wonder why some people are so afraid to make decisions?!

Lots of people are so terrified of making the wrong decision they just put off making a choice altogether. That's no way to live through. Every decision you make is going to involve some degree of risk. Sure, you can do everything possible to minimize that risk, but it never totally disappears. You can't put your life on hold because you're afraid to do it wrong.

Think of making decisions like paying your bills. You may not like to do it, but they have to be paid. And, you don't have the luxury of paying them late.

OK, so your electricity isn't going to get cut off if you make a late decision (like it would if you were late with your payment!), but there are still plenty of bad consequences for failing to decide promptly. If you wait too long, the decision can be taken out of your hands - take your freedom of choice right along with it. No one wants to live like that!

The only way to live a truly fulfilled life is to take control of it. That means confidently making decisions and being able to accept the outcome - whether it's good or bad.

So, how do you do that?

1. Identify the problem that has to be solved and figure out how long you have to solve it. For example, if your boyfriend wants you to get an apartment with him, he's not going to wait around for months and months while you make a decision.

2. Figure out all of the possible choices you can make. For example, if you're thinking of moving to a new city make a list of all of the areas that fit into your price range.

3. Weigh the pros and cons of each choice. If you need to make a list, do it.

4. Make your decision with confidence, knowing you did everything you could to minimize your risk.

Even if your decision turns out to be the wrong one, don't be hard on yourself. After all, you did the best you could with the information you had at the time. You can be proud of yourself for taking action. For better or for worse, you took control of your own life.

Remember, the only people that never get criticized are the ones who never do anything! As long as you're working to move forward, you're doing the right thing!

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