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5 Common Issues And Problems Of Adolescent High School Development

Adolescents are derived from the Latin word adolescence which means to grow or grow into adulthood. Adolescence is a time when an individual has transitioned from one stage to the next and cha…
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Adolescence-Between Development And Career Education

Why do people learn and work?. In fact, people are always curious, so they always strive to pursue science. On this basis, people always keep learning, find out many things. Many nations follow…
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Poor Nutritional Problems In Adolescents

Nutritional problems, that is less nutrition and more nutrients, will increase the vulnerability to the disease, especially the risk of occurrence of uncontagious diseases. If this problem cont…
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7 Common Health Problems In Adolescents

Young children is a child between aged 10 to 18 years old. At that age, there was apparently a health risk lurking. The growth phase of the spurt is happening very quickly. Good physical grow…
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Common Health Problems In Adolescents

Youth is one of the phases we pass through in the life cycle we have to live. Adolescence is the transition period from the age of children to adulthood. In English the term teenager is a teenag…
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6 Common Problems Occurring In Adolescence

The youth phase is a very important period of individual development. Harold Alberty suggests that adolescence is a period in the development that a person extends from the end of childhood to …
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How To Tackling Youth Issues And Probelms

Many teenagers in the world today so underestimate the illness posed by the consequences of free association without control such as smoking, drinking liquor, watching vulgar videos, wearing dr…
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