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Discipline vs Motivation, Which One Is More Important?

Self-discipline and motivation are two very important things in human life including ours. Self-discipline and motivation are both instrumental in building a habit in the long term. For that i…
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13 Simple Tips To Motivate Yourself

image via freepik Does your self feel often less motivated? Sometimes the feeling of lack of self-motivation does often happen to ourselves so that we sometimes wonder, why can I stop being s…
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Creative Thinking And Observant To Viewing Opportunities

image via freepick On this occasion, I will review a motivational theme that is quite interesting to read. Such themes are creative thinking and observant viewing opportunities. It's easy …
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3 key Points For Realizing Your Dream

image via freepick In this opportunity, I will write an article that will have your passion and motivation to realize your dream. The article's theme is " 3 key points for realizing y…
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Tips How To Find A Self Power Zone

image via freepick Where is your strength? Check out our tips on how to find the following self-power zones so you can maximize the potential you have in yourself. It was Samuel Jhonson , …
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Success Motivation-7 Characteristics Of a Successful Person

image via freepick Success Motivation-The definition, understanding and size of success for every person must be different. There are people who consider themselves successful if he alread…
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Success Motivation-5 Good And Right Ways To Learn

Success Motivation -Everyone certainly wants to be a smart person, not an exception to yourself. One of the efforts that you can do to be smart is to learn. Learning can be from anywhere, either…
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Success Motivation-Nothing Wrong With Your Decision

Success Motivation -what happens to us now is essentially the result of a decision we have ever made in the past. Successful or unsuccessful, it is a consequence of the decision that we have mad…
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